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Objectives and target groups

Specific objectives

In order to improve its equity of access overall aim, the project shall work to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Create and/or enhance institutional support structures and protocols or regulation procedures to enable access to Higher Education and foster the consolidation of a social integration and accessibility culture within Accessibility Units partner universities in the Western Balkans.
  2. Enhance the pedagogical, managerial and administrative staff capacities of partner HEIs dealing with and implementing inclusive education practices.
  3. Equip the Accessibility Units with effective and relevant equipment and assistive technology.
  4. Increase external relations cooperation to improve Higher Education access and employment of SwD.
  5. Increase public and students’ awareness and understanding on the importance of inclusive education within HE for the society.

Target groups

  1. The Student Service Units of the partner countries’ collaborating HEIs.
  2. Students with disabilities (SwD)
  3. Students who face learning difficulties (SwLD)
  4. Managerial, academic, administrative and supportive staff
  5. Youngest with disabilities through NGO and Ministries